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5 Ways Private Label Supplements Increase Profitable Income

5 Ways Private Label Supplements Increase Profitable Income

You’ve built a successful healthcare clinic, expanded your services, and hired additional practitioners, what more can you do? If you have a devoted following of patients that are dedicated to your brand, but you still aren’t seeing it reflected in your yearly earnings, then it may be a good time to round out your services with physical goods.  

As a health care practitioner, the services you provide are at the epicenter of your success. Your services include therapeutic and supplemental protocols that support your patients on their road to better health. With all of the energy you put into recommending dietary supplements to your patients, offering your own line of private label supplements is the perfect physical good to offer as a profitable addition to your practice.  

Being in the healthcare service industry, you may feel wary about venturing into the uncharted territory of selling physical goods. We’d like to set your mind at ease. When you work with Western Botanicals, starting a line of branded supplements is quick, easy, and affordable!  

Offering your own line of dietary supplements enhances your healthcare branding, builds brand loyalty, increases patient retention, leads to more referrals, and has unlimited growth potential. Here are the 5 ways private label supplements can increase your profitable income. 

Low Start-Up Cost 

According to is takes “$192,100 to establish a medium-scale but standard supplement store business in any city in the United States of America.” Granted, this number includes expenses that your business may already incur such as the cost to maintain a brick and mortar, legal fees, marketing and promotional costs, and so on. But even if you take away all of these extraneous expenses, it is still a costly endeavor.  

Luckily, we’re here to offer you a different, and much more affordable option! When you partner with Western Botanicals, all you pay for is the finished product!  

A private label manufacturer has already developed reliable supply chain relationships, spent countless hours on research and development, paid third party agencies for quality assurance, and maintains a cGMP compliant manufacturing facility. All of these costs are wrapped into the unit price of each supplement product, saving you thousands of dollars right out the gate. 

What’s more, Western Botanicals offers low minimum order quantities of as few as 12 units per formula. Having low minimums means you won't have excess inventory taking up space in your office, reducing your financial risk while you test the viability of your private label supplement brand.    

Improve Patient Retention 

We confidently stand by the quality and efficacy of our pre-formulated supplement line. Our goal is to provide you with some of the best supplements in the industry, so that when they carry your company logo, you are proud to share them with your community and the world. 

There are many bargain supplement brands on the market that are adulterated with fillers. With our rigorous in-house and 3rd party testing of all raw materials, you will eliminate any doubt that your patients are wasting their time and money on supplements that don’t work. Our bodies are intelligent, and whether the shifts are subtle or evident, your patients will notice the difference when they start using your high-quality supplement brand. 

When you provide quality care that is supplemented with quality physical goods, your patients receive a holistic healthcare experience. This is the juice that generates brand loyalty. They’ll take your branded supplements, feel themselves growing stronger, and link this feeling back to your brand. You are cultivating an unforgettable brand experience, and it will undoubtedly reflect in high patient retention.  

Brand Awareness and Patient Referrals 

Brand loyalty is linked to positive word-of-mouth advocacy. A happy customer “is the most effective and least expensive form of marketing.”1,2 When offering your patients both healthcare services and physical goods, your patients’ enhanced healthcare experience will be the talk of the town.  

When managed correctly, your supplement line enhances your healthcare branding in a way that opens up many exciting opportunities. When precise branding, targeted marketing, and patient word of mouth gel perfectly, you’ll see a fresh influx of new patients, potentially leading to large-scale brand recognition within your regional and national healthcare community. 

This increased brand awareness can also connect you to other healthcare services in your area, and the trust you have instilled in your patients can build new opportunities for practitioner referrals.  

Quick Turn Around and ROI 

We want to make your supplement brand an instant success! The process of setting up an account, placing your first order, and receiving your custom-branded supplements can take just 4 weeks. Our goal is to get product to you as quickly as possible so you can start adding your branded supplements to your client protocols right away!  

We package and label your chosen formulas using your logo and design, sell them to you at wholesale prices, and offer suggested retail pricing mark-ups. We keep our prices low so that you can add significant margins to bolster the financial impact of your new supplement line. Everything beyond the cost of the product and shipping fees is cash in your hand.  

Your name-brand products will gain momentum as your patients start purchasing their supplements through you, and before you know it, you’ll be expanding your orders, and potentially adding new formulas to your line. With our member portal, re-orders are quick and easy and adding new products takes just a few clicks. This fast turnaround time provides you with a substantial return on your investment in no time.  


Once you are in the business of selling supplements, your reach can go far beyond the four walls of your clinic. By adding an e-commerce page to your company's website, you can sell your supplements to your patients remotely. This is an easy way for your patients to re-order their supplements in-between check-ups.  

Beyond patient re-orders, you can increase supplement sales by maintaining a strong social media following and e-newsletter. Once your patients and extended subscriber network have an easy, clickable way to access your products, you’ll start seeing increased sales in no time. You’ll be able to strategize successful marketing campaigns that sell your branded supplements nationwide, while you sleep!   

Maintaining inventory as your supplement business takes off will be a breeze when you are a member of our private label practitioner program. As soon as you are down to your last few bottles, just login to your practitioner account. With a few clicks, your shelves will be restocked with your branded supplement products. 

How To Get Started with a Supplement Manufacturer 

Excited to get started? We're here to help! Western Botanicals has been in the business of developing high quality and effective supplement formulas for over 25 years, and we are now offering a full line of dietary supplements specifically for practitioners though our Private Label Practitioner Program!  

Once you set up your account, you’ll have access to our 30+ formulas covering the full range of supplement support from multivitamins and syrups, to gummies and liquid extract tinctures!  

For more details on our step-by-step process, download our guidebook!

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