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Winter Wellness and Private Label Supplements

Winter Wellness and Private Label Supplements

As winter approaches, you will undoubtedly be shifting your healthcare protocols towards preventative care, immune system stimulation, and mental health support. Now that you sell your own private label supplement line, this is a good time to stock your shelves with pre-formulated supplement blends designed to support your patients through the winter season.  

In this winter wellness guide, we’ll highlight some of our favorite private label supplement blends to support you and your patients this winter.  

Immune Support 

One of our best tips for staying healthy during the winter season is to get ahead of any potential discomforts with immune fortifying and building supplement ingredients.  

Known as immunomodulators, herbs and fungi rich in polysaccharide starches have been shown to “exhibit a number of beneficial therapeutic properties, and it is thought that the mechanisms involved in these effects are due to the modulation of innate immunity.”*1,2 

Mushrooms are one of the best sources for these immune-building polysaccharides. Our [Mushroom Combo] capsules contain a blend of reishi, shiitake, maitake, lion’s mane, chaga, and cordyceps mushrooms for supporting immune and neurological health.*  

Antioxidants are also indicated for fortifying the immune system during the winter months. Our Elderberry Syrup is rich in anthocyanins, known for its antioxidant content, and Echinacea, Zinc, Vitamin C Gummies are a tasty option for the whole family.*  

A great way to support proper immune system function plus boost energy is to take a daily multivitamin. We offer private label multivitamin supplements for [men] and [women] to provide your patients with the vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy lifestyle.* 

Immune Activation 

Try as we might, seasonal discomforts manage to catch up with us sometimes. As a practitioner, this is when your protocols move away from immune building formulas to formulas targeting immune activation, using our immunostimulant herbs.  

As our immune systems work to bring us back to vibrant health, we can support this process using immune stimulating phytochemicals found in plants such as “alkaloids, flavonoids, coumarins, glycosides, gums, polysaccharides, phenols, tannins, terpenes, and terpenoids.”3 These secondary plant metabolites are produced by the plant in response to external stimuli.   

As your private label manufacturer, Western Botanicals has multiple immunostimulant formulas to support your patients to activate immunity: 

[Herbal Throat Spray] liquid extract combines marshmallow, slippery elm and wild cherry bark to sooth irritation and scratchy dryness, while also including echinacea, clove and usnea to promote the body's natural immune response.* 

Syrups are a great way to get patients and their families excited about supporting their immunity! [Elderberry syrup] is an age-old traditional herbal remedy loaded with immunostimulant flavonoids, while our [Immu-defense Syrup] harnesses the power of allicin in garlic, in combination with a wide variety of herbs utilized for seasonal discomforts.* 

Finally, our [Immune Boost] capsules and [Echinacea Combo] liquid extract showcase two species of echinacea, one of the world’s most powerful and well-researched herbs for both supporting and stimulating the immune system.* 

Neurological Support 

In contrast to spring and summer, which are our brightest and most expansive seasons of the solar calendar, winter is a time of darkness and hibernation. The effects of this seasonal transition can, for some, put a damper on the spirit. It may be a good time to incorporate energy-boosting and nervous system supportive herbs into the protocols of some of your more sensitive patients. 

Healthy adrenal gland function is vital for naturally high energy levels, sustained endurance, and a healthy stress response. Offer your patients an adaptogen formula containing ashwagandha, licorice, eleuthero, and maca with our Super Adrenal formula.* 

NeuroPlus is a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs formulated with slow-release technology to support neurological health by encouraging mental clarity and focus, promoting concentration, strengthening memory function, and maintaining energy levels all day long. Alternatively, offer our B12 liquid supplement to target your patients’ daily B vitamin intake.* 

Have you considered offering single-herb extracts as part of your branded private label supplement line? St John’s wort (not to be used in combination with SSRIs) and lemon balm are two herbs that have been used by traditional herbalists for their unique ability to “bring the light to dark places.” Although not available in our private label product catalog, when partnering with Western Botanicals, you can private label any of the herbal extracts we carry on our direct-to-consumer website.* 

It's not too late to stock your shelves with these winter wellness blends. As discussed in our Strategizing a Successful Product Launch blog, seasonal shifts are one of the best times for your healthcare practice to launch targeted ad campaigns that relate your products to your patients’ shifting healthcare needs. Don’t miss your chance: stock up on the pre-formulated blends your patients need most, while earning extra profitable income this winter season, place your winter wellness order today!  

*FDA warning: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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