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What is Private Label Manufacturing?

What is Private Label Manufacturing?

As a healthcare practitioner, you have the innate ability to empower people to feel better. Your choice of modality, be it chiropractic, naturopathic, acupuncture, massage, functional medicine, or some other healing art, is an expression of your talents to care for and support your community.  

Within the scope of your practice, you have cultivated a safe, trusting environment where your patients feel comfortable sharing their dis-ease. When doing all that you can to support your patient’s health and wellness, you recommend therapeutic protocols, which often include herbal, vitamin, and supplement blends.  

With all of the energy you have spent developing trusting relationships with your patients, consider closing the loop; Instead of sending patients away to purchase supplements, offer your own line of supplements brand, and reinforce your circle of care. 

Are Private Label Supplements Right for You? 

By partnering with a private label manufacturer like Western Botanicals, you can quickly and affordably stock your office shelves with quality supplement blends, packaged and labeled specifically for your brand. We help you create your own product line by providing everything you need to start selling online and in your practice. 

But, is private labeling right for you? If you answer YES to any or all of the following questions, then you are well positioned to sell your own line of supplements: 

  • Do you own a healthcare practice? 

Create a more interactive and inviting atmosphere by filling the shelves of your clinic with your personally branded supplements. Your patients will have the opportunity to linger in the space longer, soaking up the yummy, healing vibes you’ve created, while perusing your inventory.  

  • Do you recommend supplements to your patients? 

When suggesting supplements to support your therapeutic protocols, you know that the likelihood that your patients will purchase and take their supplements decreases the moment they walk out of the clinic door. Guarantee that your patients leave their appointment with supplements in-hand, by selling your own supplement line.  

  • Wanting more control over which supplements your patients purchase? 

The supplement market is flooded with options for your patients. If they are hunting for a bargain, they may end up with a supplement that contains fillers, compromising the potency of the formula, and the effect it has on their health. Working with a manufacturer that has rigorous quality testing on all ingredients and formulas guarantees that you are offering your patients supplements that work! 

  • Are you looking for ways to increase profitable income for your practice? 

Selling your own branded supplements offers your patients an up-sell at the end of each visit. If they are happy with their care, they are more likely to want to purchase your supplement brand. Not only does this enhance their experience at your clinic, it is also an opportunity to increase profit margins.  

  • Do you want to enhance your brand identity and recognition? 

People gravitate towards organized, aesthetic environments. With good branding, your patients are transported to another world upon entering your clinic. 

Elevate your patients’ experience and build brand recognition by selling your own branded supplements. You'll enhance your clinic's look and feel by lining your shelves with supplements that match the aesthetic of your brand. Strategic branding throughout a space subconsciously reinforces your brand, and builds trust. 

Still needing to develop a brand identity package for your clinic? It is always a good idea to take the time to create your brand look and feel. "There is a certain design aesthetic that allows even startup brands to have the same subconscious familiarity as the market leaders.”1 Places like Upwork and Fiverr are helpful and safe platforms for finding affordable design support. 

Starting Your Own Supplement Line 

You’re intrigued, but where do you start? There are multiple ways to start your own supplement line, so you’ll need to determine which route to take. Your options are really best broken down by time and cost. The quickest and most affordable option is private labeling, and the most time consuming and costly route would be developing your own custom line of supplements.  

Pre-formulated Private Label Supplements 

This option has the lowest overhead and the fastest turnaround times. This is for the practitioners who want to start carrying inventory and track profit margins as soon as possible, minimizing financial risk while they test the viability of their new venture. 

With Western Botanicals’ [Private Label Practitioner Program], the process is simple: you set up a [practitioner account], and login to peruse our inventory of 30+ pre-formulated supplement blends. You fill your cart and checkout, easy peasy.  

When we on-board your company, our design team works with your branding and logo to develop your custom label. Once you approve these designs, and place your order, we’ll affix your custom label, pack your order, and send it on its way! We provide suggested retail pricing, but you are welcome to set your profit margins as you see fit.  

If you do not see the exact supplement formula you are looking for, you can head over to our full inventory of Western Botanicals branded products at All of our formulas are available for private labeling. 

With our low order minimums, you can get as few as 12 units of any supplement formula at a time. As soon as your inventory gets low, just place your next order and you’ll be restocked and ready to go in just [#] weeks! 

Custom Supplement Manufacturing 

WB Blends is an entire wing of our company that is dedicated solely to custom supplement manufacturing. Unlike private labeling, custom manufacturing is not limited to our pre-formulated blends. This option is for new or existing brands looking to design and produce a supplement line with their custom formulated blends. This option is more time consuming and costly, but the end product is a supplement product line that is unique in the industry.   

Regardless of how far along you are in developing your custom supplement blends, we have an option for you: 

  • Pre-Existing Formula - When developing a new supplement formula, you can either create a formula on your own, or hire a supplement formulator. This third-party entity will work with you to develop ingredient lists and determine the percentages of each ingredient in a formula. They will then draft up a final formula that can be brought to your manufacturer, and will, typically, sell it to you for a fee.  

WB Blends takes this formula and produces a preliminary sample. Once samples are approved, we go into full production. The whole process usually takes 10 - 12 weeks.  

  • Pre-Existing Product (no formula) - If you are a pre-existing brand looking to switch manufacturers, all you have to do is provide us with samples of your product, and we will re-build your formula, sample it, manufacture, bottle and distribute your supplement product.  
  • Pre-Existing Concept (no formula) - If you are looking to invent a new supplement brand, you have come to the right place! Even without a formula, we likely have a pre-formulated blend that fits the bill. Develop your supplement line using our library of 3000 proprietary blends. Choose to use our formulas as they are, or as a framework to inspire your own unique blends. We will sample, manufacture, bottle & distribute your creations worldwide! 

You have done the hard work of making a name for yourself in the healthcare industry. Your patients are devoted to your care, and trust your expertise. Use private label products as a way to elevate your brand, enhance your user experience, and cushion your profit margins. 

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